A real Solid or Engineered wood floor, 100% made in Canada is not only a responsible choice; it is the most obvious for any homeowner conscious of his impact on environment.

Wood’s Superior

Unlike the majority of plastic/petrol based alternatives, (LVT or Vinyl) real wood floors made in Canada have a minimal carbon footprint. Wood is biodegradable and recyclable. They can last for a lifetime and still stay beautiful after years with a sanding and refinishing.

We go further by making
everything close.

As a Canadian hardwood floor manufacturer, we are committed to the environment. The core of our strategy is proximity. We harvest here. We manufacture here. In addition, we have established a local network of local partners that reuse our wood waste, chips and sawdust to make the most of every tree harvested.

Wood 100% from here

Our raw material supply comes entirely from North America. We encourage environmentally friendly forest management practices and only do business with companies that promote selective logging and forest regeneration

Our products also respect the U.S. Lacey Act which is one of the world’s primary legislative examples of wildlife preservation and forest conservation.

100% made here

Our Engineered floors are 100% made here in Canada and subject to strict regulations regarding where the wood has been logged, what ancillary materials were used to make them, environmental standards, and proper product labeling and advertising.

From the solid top layer to the inner core of the floor, the unique conception of Flex™ and Max™ contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Zero overseas carriage of components

Many flooring companies are crossing the ocean with raw material to return finished products in America. They will label their products as « packaged in Canada » or « designed in Canada » to suggest that they sell a local product. Be careful with these claims: if you cannot get the address of the manufacturing plant in Canada, you are most likely facing and imported product.

Preverco is one of the first engineered wood floors to stop using Baltic Birch and other imported veneers. It is a strong statement to limit the greenhouse gases associated with the transportation of imported components.

Healthy homes,
another priority

Today’s consumers make conscious choices. They want to understand what they are buying. Especially when the floor covering will be a huge part of their living environment. If you are concerned about the health impact of the products that are surrounding you in your home, if you want your living space to be free of formaldehyde or other toxic components, Preverco will give you peace of mind.

A sane soul
on a sane floor

We make no compromises. Our floors are synonym of peace of mind for your health. Our products are amongst the best for air quality. They respect the most stringent standards of Volatile Organic Composites (VOC) and formaldehyde emissions.

Gold Certified. Nothing less.

Comply with the minimum? Never ! We went many steps further that the basic regulation. We are proud to have the GreenGuard Gold certification for all of our products. This certification is probably the most exigent standard for emissions of toxic or potentially harmful components. It is a rigorous and 3rd party reviewed process that covers a very wide list of chemical components emissions to be detected.


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