Your Preverco hardwood floor will be the bedrock of your daily life for every moment to come.

This is your moment.

For our customers, choosing a new hardwood floor is an important decision that is intimately linked to a life-changing event. We understand and acknowledge that reality. At Preverco, your buying experience is not only up to that stage of your life, it’s up to every small and large moment you live in your home.

We guide you to live your moments fully, without any regret.

  • Your family is growing. There will be more life…especially on the ground.
  • You’re building your dream home; walk the floor.
  • You’re renovating for a better family life. And for the wow effect that’s laying to the ground.
  • You move for a simplified life. Not for more chores.
  • You build the perfect cottage: an extension of nature.


This is where it
should always start.

Your hardwood floor is much more than a surface. It is the most decisive element of style to determine the atmosphere in your room. It will be the basis of your decor for years to come. So, the selection of your floor should always be at the forefront of your decision-making process in creating the atmosphere; even before you choose the style of the cabinets, the color of the walls or even your furniture.

This approach to the purchase of hardwood flooring is unique to Preverco. It dictates a whole new way to accompany, guide and inspire you so that at the end of the day, no regret is possible.


There’s only one best floor in the world: the one that meets your needs and tastes.

With Preverco, the quality is indisputable. There’s no doubt about it with our 35-year guarantee. Quality is only one of the three elements of our golden rule. We feel that in order to properly advise you, we must also consider style and functionality.

We are with you to deliver the quality of life you can imagine, from the atmosphere in each room to the functional details that align with your lifestyle.

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