Beyond the appearance, your floor has a fundamental function: it supports every moment that will animate your life at home. Understanding who you are and thinking about your lifestyle is part of Preverco’s distinctive approach to making sure you build your project on a solid foundation.

After all, your daily life rests on him

The essences offer different hardness levels. Some finishes or textures camouflage the wear of time better. So how do you choose the right essence? The right finish? The right texture? All these choices are far from trivial. That’s why Preverco trains its advisors to act as experts to help you customize your project. We take the discussion beyond aesthetic beauty; we go deep into understanding your needs. Your new floor will be the first thing you put your feet on every morning. It will take up all the space in your daily life. It’s better not to make a mistake, and with Preverco, your choice will be the right one.

In line with your
everyday life

Once you have your new hardwood floor installed, your life must take its course. No additional complex maintenance tasks and no additional concerns. To do this, the intimacy we develop with our clients remains key. Important questions about your lifestyle and the amount of traffic are raised up front so we can get to know you well.

Innovate to better
meet your needs

Our various platforms offer a wide range of versatility. We continue to innovate and develop sophisticated market intelligence to improve the properties of our floors and allow you to customize your project to suit your lifestyle.

Wood inspires us. It’s been our passion for over 30 years. This passion comes with great respect for nature and what it has to offer.

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