this is what the
quality signed Preverco
comes down to.
Zero Hassle

When hardwood floors are as durable and well protected as those of Preverco, yes, it can be said to bring you inner peace. All of our products are made to make sure they have impeccable dimensional appearance and stability.


Everything that deserves to be done is well done.

All stages of production are carefully monitored according to specific pre-determined standards. From supply control to final delivery, both visual and dimensional stability are taken into account. The high level of consistency sought is assumed by the entire team. That’s why we deliver top-quality products day in and day out.


Before the final drying of the wood, we inspect all planks to ensure that the moisture conditions are identical. This validation process reduces the risk of wood defects and breakdown during final drying.


Our floors are manufactured in a digital factory with state-of-the-art, high-precision technologies. Each board, without exception, is scrupulously checked and analyzed by an automated unit that equalizes it to the nearest thousandth.


Throughout the process, a comprehensive series of multiple visual checks and inspections are systematically performed. In this way, the smallest anomaly is quickly detected and the affected plank is removed from the lot.


Nothing is left to chance to ensure that we deliver the best products under the best conditions prior to installation. Our warehouses are maintained at the perfect temperature to maintain the dimensional balance of hardwood at all times.


200% Canadians

Our hardwood floors are 100% made in Canada from 100% Canadian resources. This is an ethical and conscious choice that is far from trivial, because the impact is twofold. In addition to reducing our environmental footprint, we control manufacturing throughout the chain to maintain the highest standard of quality.


A floor with aceiling protection

We give our customers a lot of protection because we have absolute confidence in the quality of our floors.


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